• Elm Tree Circle has evolved towards a style that inherits all the classic influences of their late 90s and early 2000s pop-punk heroes paired with a good touch of emotional lyrics, melancholic chords and distinct vocal lines that spin in your head after the first listen.


    The former solo project broke ground in Europe’s emo, punk and D.I.Y. scene with their EP Drawn in 2016. After getting more international attention with their debut album The Good Life two years later (1 million streams on Spotify alone), they followed up up with their sophomore Album No Fomo in 2020 a few month after their planned tour to promote the first singles came to a halt due to the events of march 2020. In the years before the pandemic, Elm Tree Circle as a group as well as a singer songwriter, has engaged in extensive touring playing numerous shows across Europe, Australia and even Japan where the stage was shared with iconic artists like The Ataris, Pears, Boston Manor and Such Gold. Germany’s Visions magazine even praised them as “best in class in emo-rock”. Song suggestions are Feel The Bern as well as All About You for friends of Movements, Modern Baseball, PUP and American Football.


    After a creative break during Covid, the band is finally back with new material and even some features of Vancouvers rawest talent. Frontman Nic will start out the first set of shows in Canada where he resided during the last years and is joined by local musicians before returning to tour Europe with the bands core members Jojo and Henne in Germany. The group is releasing a number of singles this year which will bring in a new sound that’s inspired by acts like Gorillaz, Beck and Jean Dawson and is definitely to be looked out for.

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