Elm Tree Circle Strikes a Chord in India: Debut Performances at Hornbill Festival and Goethe Institut Create Waves

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Elm Tree Circle Strikes a Chord in India: Debut
Performances at Hornbill Festival and Goethe Institut Create Waves

Elm Tree Circle recently made their maiden voyage to India, marking an unforgettable presence at the Hornbill Festival in Nagaland and a captivating performance at the Goethe Institut in Kolkata.

In a groundbreaking series of events from December 1st to 3rd, 2023, Elm Tree Circle rocked the stage at the prestigious Hornbill Festival, captivating a multitude of festival-goers with their infectious melodies and high-energy performance. Transitioning from this grand stage to a more intimate setting at the Goethe Institut in Kolkata, the band mesmerized a devoted crowd of 100 enthusiasts, leaving an indelible mark on India's music scene.

Elm Tree Circle, renowned for their fusion of late 90s and early 2000s pop-punk influences interlaced with emotionally resonant lyrics and distinct vocal prowess, made a memorable debut in India. The band was deeply moved by the passion of concert-goers and the warm hospitality extended by the Indian audience.

With a rich history in Europe's emo, punk, and D.I.Y. circuit, Elm Tree Circle gained international recognition with their "Drawn" EP in 2016 and continued to soar with their debut album "The Good Life," amassing over 1 million streams on Spotify alone. Their sophomore album "No Fomo" in 2020, released amidst a pandemic-induced tour hiatus, further solidified their position in the global music landscape.

Having shared stages with iconic artists like The Ataris, Pears, Boston Manor, and Such Gold, Elm Tree Circle earned accolades from Germany's Visions magazine as "best in class in emo-rock." Notable tracks like "Feel The Bern" and "All About You" have resonated with fans of Movements, Modern Baseball, PUP, and American Football.

Despite the creative pause enforced by the pandemic, Elm Tree Circle returned with vigor, offering singles "Bae" and "Stoned," featuring on major Spotify playlists like "All New Rock," "Rock Rotation," and "Alternative Noise." These singles, a prelude to their upcoming album, showcase the band's trademark relatable lyrics and irresistible hooks.

Their debut performances in India coincided with the release of a new music video on YouTube for the single "Common," featuring pop-punk luminary EMMERICH, further solidifying Elm Tree Circle's international presence.

Elm Tree Circle's foray into India marks a pivotal chapter in their musical journey, signifying a remarkable expansion into new territories and cultures. Their ability to incite boundless energy, as witnessed at the Hornbill Festival and the Goethe Institut, attests to their universal appeal and promises an electrifying future for the band.

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Photos from Hornbill Festival 2023

All phtos taken by Paul Ambrusch, Final Chapter.

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Listen to "Common" on Spotify

Music Video "Common"