Elm Tree Circle Releases New Music Video "Stoned" Featuring Rapper JFinch

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Elm Tree Circle Releases New Music Video "Stoned" Featuring Rapper JFinch

Emerging pop-punk band Elm Tree Circle has recently unveiled a brand-new music video for their single "Stoned," offering music enthusiasts worldwide the chance to experience a captivating fusion of rock and rap elements. The video, available for free on YouTube and the band's official website, showcases Niclas from Elm Tree Circle alongside talented rapper JFinch in a remarkable artistic collaboration.

Elm Tree Circle, comprising the talented musicians Niclas (vocals/guitar), Jojo (drums), and Henne (guitar), joined forces with JFinch after their paths crossed during Niclas' stay in Vancouver, Canada. Their connection flourished on a friendly level, culminating in this unique musical partnership.

The music video for "Stoned" was released on August 31, 2023, and serves as a compelling testament to the creative possibilities of music. The band and JFinch present their skills in a visually captivating format that immerses listeners in an enthralling melody and thought-provoking lyrics.

This artistic collaboration between Elm Tree Circle and JFinch offers not only a fascinating sonic landscape but also illustrates the universal language of music. Their joint effort demonstrates how diverse musical styles and cultural influences can merge to create something special. This unique fusion has the potential to entertain the music press and enthusiasts alike.

Elm Tree Circle continues to be a rising force in the music scene. With this new release, they continue their journey of creating innovative music that resonates with people worldwide. The combination of pop-punk and rap in "Stoned" marks a significant milestone in their musical odyssey.

The press is encouraged to explore and report on this exciting development. Elm Tree Circle and JFinch exemplify that music knows no boundaries, and creative collaboration is a powerful tool for crafting memorable art and friendships.

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Music Video "Stoned"

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